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Posted by: ShadowDragon Mar 28 2004, 01:03 AM
Rules are there to keep order among a group of people. Failure to comply will result in immediate punishment depending upon the degree of the action performed. By no means will not knowing the rules be an excuse.

1) Discussion of warez, hacking, cracking, phreaking, offensive material, pornography, ROMs, illegal activities, etc. are strictly prohibited.

2) Flaming, flame wars, harassment, or insults deemed inappropriate will not be tolerated.

3) Use of another's account is prohibited unless valid proof is given to a staff member that the holder of the account has permitted use of it. If no proof is given within a given amount of time, measures will be taken to protect the holder's account.

4) Spam will not be permitted. Do not reply to a post saying "I agree" or "good idea." Replies expressing one's gratitude or thanks such as "Thank you for your help" are allowed.

5) Advertising or indirect promotion of any kind is strictly prohibited. Advertising a personal page is allowed within one's signature. By no means should any post or topic contain a URL directing towards another site unless the target site pertains to the topic. This rule is not limited to advertising of sites but goes for anything else deemed inappropriate by staff as well.

6) No profanity (swearing). No attempts to "test" the swearing filter. Find other ways to express your anger that complies with the rules.

7) Signatures should not be in excess of 15 lines long (including empty lines). Images within signatures should be at a limit of 500x200. Limit two images per signature.

8) Limit one account per user. Any duplicates will be banned or deleted.

Rules are bound to change. We reserve the right to alter the rules without your knowledge. Please try to contribute to the community rather than make it worse.

~ShadowDragon, Project Director

Posted by: RocketShadow Aug 9 2007, 07:00 AM
Temporary new rule:

Any real new member should read this thread due to recent spambot attacks:

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